What does telepfelü offer?

Remote sensing of farming conditions and production safety for more efficient, balanced and sustainable farming.

Higher yield, healthy animals

Telepfelü is a simply and low-cost sensor system. By remotely monitoring the operation of stables, holding areas and various equipment, it helps to avoid losses, increase efficiency and yield, and contributes to the development and monitoring of the effectiveness of animal welfare measures. Telepfelü also performs property security tasks. It enables monitoring and management of the livestock and colony via the internet from anywhere in the world.


The value of telepfelü is simplicity

After a quick survey and consultation, we quickly install the system, which can be supplemented and modified.


We give you exactly what you ask for

Buying and maintaining the system is not a big burden. The return on the investment can be easily calculated.


Remote monitoring

Our system provides remote monitoring that requires less time and energy than on-site monitoring.


Property, stock  and production security

The security of the stock and production and at the same time property security during the planning is very important, so our system provides a solution for this as well.


Telepfelü contains the sensor, long-term data storage and the online user interface. Your data is safe, our company works with a certified data security system. Our system uses close and secure data communication.

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